We offer secure DeFi investments

We help your customers to invest into the DeFi space safely.


Full customer access

Only your customers have access to their investment. Not fija.

We execute all strategies as described and store the received crypto assets or "receipt tokens" securely on the blockchain.

Your customers will receive fija tokens from us. Only with these, their investment be accessed.

Safety first

Security plays the biggest role in the development of fija.

We have our smartcontracts regularly checked by external auditors.


With the investment your customers invest in a security issued by us.

Our security is regulated by the German financial supervisory authority Bafin.

The fija safety score

We use our safety score to assess the risk of each investment strategy. We do not assess the risk of price losses, but how secure the cryptocurrencies, blockchains and protocols are in which investments are made.

This gives you the possibility to evaluate strategies quickly and easily.

Immediate cash-out

Your customers can withdraw their investment at any time. By design, there is no freezing of investment funds with us!

As a reminder, only your customers have access to their investment.


Every wallet to interact with the fija smart contracts needs to be whitelisted. Only whitelisted wallets can hold fija tokens.

This adds an additional security layer for you and your customers.

Whitelisting of wallets can be done by you through the reseller API.

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