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Explore fija's resources page – your comprehensive toolkit for navigating the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape. Find essential insights and powerful tools to maximize your investment strategies and seamlessly integrate with our innovative solutions.

Explore, learn, and leverage fija's earn products to unlock new opportunities in DeFi.

Safety Score

Explore our safety scoring system designed to assess the security of blockchain networks and protocols used in our investment strategies. Make informed decisions by selecting strategies aligned with your risk appetite.

fija Capital: Security Token Emission

Learn about our security token issuance process through fija Capital. Discover how these tokens grant access to DeFi opportunities, providing investors with full control over their investments.

fija Finance: Automated Strategies

Discover our automated investment strategies designed to optimize profit potential while managing risk. Explore predefined and automated transactions across decentralized applications (dApps), utilizing deposit tokens like USDC or ETH for liquidity provision or staking.

Technical Documents

For access to our technical documentation and integration guides, please contact us directly through our contact form linked here. We'll provide the essential resources and support to seamlessly integrate fija's automated strategies into your DeFi projects.


Learn about our commitment to security and investor protection. Find resources and guidelines on safeguarding your assets and mitigating risks in the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does fija have access to your deposit?

No, fija does not have access to the deposit. Hence it poses no counterparty risk.

Who designs the Earn Strategies?

Earn Strategies are designed by DeFi Experts. They go through fija’s screening and selection criteria.

Are fija smart contracts audited?

Yes, all the fija smart contract are audited by auditors based in the EU before going live. They contnue to be regularly checked by external auditors.

Who can use Earn Strategies?

Earn Strategies can be used by Crypto Platforms, Exchanges, Crypto Funds, Investment Brokers, Institutional Investors and Custodians.

What is Safety Score?

fija’s safety scoring system assesses the security of blockchain networks and protocols used in our investment strategies. You can select a strategy aligned with your risk appetite.

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